• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise
  • Conviviality

    A bouchon is not just a place for fine food. It’s much more than that!

    It is first and foremost an ambiance, a little something that makes you feel at ease, at home. Perhaps because of the owner’s personality or the way the tables are arranged. Who knows?

    In the bouchon, you are made to feel welcome. The atmosphere is warm, convivial and family friendly. The owner builds a genuinely close relationship with the customers. He sees them as guests, or even friends for the most privileged. He makes you feel at home, sharing in his good… and bad days! No forced smiles: the owner reveals himself as he is, at the risk of offending the less informed patrons!…

    It takes a strong personality to run a bouchon.

    The owner welcomes whoever he likes and serve whoever he deems fit. After all, this is his home! No need to ask for a menu: he knows exactly what you need! This is especially true for loyal customers, as the owner is very familiar with their tastes and habits. But he is also engaging, he will make you feel comfortable… as if you were at home!

    The presence of the owner is a must in a bouchon. “Why is that?”, I hear you ask. Simply so that he can play a full and active role in the kitchen or the dining room with the customers. All Lyon bouchons feature big tables, encouraging proximity and discussion between customers, as a bouchon is a FRIENDLY place!

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