• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise
  • The secrets of the bouchons’ success

    The term bouchon comes from….

    Shhh…. Go see for yourself and get their own version!

    1. A restaurant with a counter, picturesque and warm décor: tables close together, red and white checked tablecloth, wooden furniture, pans hanging from the ceiling, Guignol, Gnafron puppets… in other words, a place preserved in time!

    2. A larger-than-life owner !

    3. Tasty, simple typical home-made dishes based on fresh, local produce, lovingly prepared on site: quenelles, pork products, tablier de sapeur, chicken liver terrine, cervelle des canuts, praline tart etc.

    4. Washed down with the required pot lyonnais (carafe) of Beaujolais or Côtes du Rhône of course

    And most importantly…  an ambiance!!!  One word to define a bouchon? CONVIVIALITY!!!

    Yes, being in a bouchon is like being at home: no fuss, generosity, sharing and having fun among friends…

    A unique world, typical of Lyon and reminiscent of the cuisine of the Lyon Mothers or the era of the Canuts (silk weavers of the Croix-Rousse district) who came to mâchonner (eat) between gônes (friends) in the early morning after work.

    The secrets of the bouchons’ success