• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise
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    Café du jura

    IMG_4767-retouch2Le Café du Jura bouchon, in the Cordeliers district, belongs to mother and son Brigitte and Benoit Josserand, who offer a warm, homely welcome to all lovers of good food.

    Les Bouchons Lyonnais : Can you tell us the names of your chefs and the career paths they followed?
    Benoit Josserand : My mother was trained by her mother-in-law – she started cooking on a coal-fired range when she was nineteen. Since then she has never stopped honing her skills.

    LBL : Why did you decide to open a bouchon-style restaurant (generation, family, etc.)?
    BJ : My parents didn’t think twice about it, they both loved food and had grown up in the world of bouchons.

    LBL : Does your bouchon have any specialities or particular culinary style?
    BJ : Our main specialities are arctic char meunière, calf’s head with Hélène Neveu sauce, and roast mallard with orange-tree honey.



    “A true bouchon is recognized primarily by the presence and character of his boss”


    LBL : What dish would you choose to symbolise bouchon cuisine?
    BJ : A typical Lyon recipe…hot pistachio saucisson!

    LBL : How would you describe Lyon’s gastronomic heritage?
    BJ : It’s steeped in tradition and it’s all about home-cooking using quality products.

    LBL : Apart from the actual cooking, what else is different about genuine Lyon bouchons as opposed to other restaurants?
    BJ : As well as the typical décor, the owner’s presence and personality are paramount!

    LBL : What would you say are the qualities of a good restaurant owner?
    BJ : They have to be hard-working, passionate, open and honest.

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    If you were :

    a typical Lyon dish : breaded tripe (tablier de sapeur).

    a typical Lyon dessert : pears in red wine.

    a cooking utensil : a cast-iron cooking pot.

    an item of crockery or cutlery : a fork.