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    Chateau de La Chaize_©Maxime JEGAT

    (©Maxime JEGAT)

    Since its creation in 1676, this magnificent wine-producing Château – whose front door is adorned with a sculpture of Bacchus, the god of wine – has remained a family residence. The descendants of the founder, Jean-François de La Chaize d’Aix, were its devoted caretakers for nearly three hundred and fifty years.

    In 2017, they passed the estate on to another family, that of Christophe Gruy, a Lyon-based entrepreneur. Acting as liaison between a prestigious past and a promising future, he has great ambitions for Château de La Chaize. Committed to honoring its remarkable vineyards with utmost respect for nature, he and Boris Gruy – his nephew and Estate Manager – have adopted an ecological approach: converting all of the vineyards to organic, then biodynamic viticulture, and using a single vineyard approach and grape selection, which allow Château de La Chaize’s wines to express the character and uniqueness of their terroir to the fullest.

    The wine estate covers a total of 330 hectares (815 acres), including 285 hectares (704 acres) of contiguous land, and potentially 140 hectares (346 acres) planted with grapevines, in Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly and Fleurie appellations.

    Since 2017, Château de La Chaize has been developing a range of cuvées, all of which are crafted with grapes from selected plots.

    Chateau de La Chaize_©Maxime JEGAT

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