• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise
  • The setting

    It is important to feel good in a bouchon.

    This feeling has a lot to do with the setting. Whether inside or outside, a bouchon is always tastefully decorated by the owner. This is the essence of its unique ambiance, both familial and authentic.

    The genuine Lyon bouchon is also recognisable by its setting and atmosphere. It is a warm and friendly place, with tables close together, customers coming for a bite to eat or standing at the counter, the sound and delicious smell of food… It always features a bar, made of wood, zinc or Formica.

    The red and white checked tablecloth is also typical of the bouchon‘s décor, as are the menu on a slate, pot lyonnais (wine carafe), copper pans, old posters, Guignol puppets etc. Every bouchon however has its own décor, a reflection of the owner. Marble or wooden tables? It’s up to the owner! All these elements help create the bouchon atmosphere. The family spirit makes people feel at home in a bouchon.

    orange_chabert_7155_240*253In Lyon, gônes (friends) also eat outside

    on terraces as it can get very hot!