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    According to its utility in regional production, Credit agricole Centre-est launched the 30th of June 2016 the first tourism bank in Lyon to support all the professionals of the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, river tourism…) in their development.

    This tourism bank offers a complete range of products and services to tourism professionals in order to meet all their needs (real estate investments, work on the new standard, cash flow – especially when the activity is seasonal – , flexible electronic money services, counterfeit detectors, provident insurance, telemonitoring…).

    This general and qualitative support is the result of the specific know-how of Credit agricole Centre-est teams and subsidiaries. Thanks to its experience over years in the tourism sector and as well as its desire to develop the territorial vitality, Credit agricole Centre-est has chosen to become an essential actor in this sector.

    Deeply attached to its mutualist values, Credit agricole Centre-est could not imagine the tourism bank without its members and local mutuals. Credit agricole Centre-est customers could enjoy benefits (such as trade discounts) thanks to this partnership signed with tourism professionals.

    Visit our cooperative pact: pacte.ca-centrest.fr to discover your benefits

    Banque du Tourisme
    Crédit agricole Centre-est
    1 rue Pierre de Truchis de Lays
    69410 Champagne au Mont d'Or
    Tél : 06 47 80 47 46