• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise
  • History of the districts

    Lyon has a very rich cultural heritage.

    Would you rather visit the different localities or discover the city’s museums and monuments? Everything is possible! You can plan your tour to suit your tastes, according to your preferences.

    To discover a Lyon off the beaten track, you can ask for a Greeter: a volunteer who will give you a tour of the city in his/her own way. Your areas of interest and your age will help determine the right person for you!

    If you are planning a trip to Lyon, the Lyon City Card is a must! This pass gives you discounts (or free admission) off different cultural venues. You can visit 22 Lyon museums free of charge with this pass!

    The city’s museums explore a broad variety of themes:

    • history: ancient times (in the Gallo-Roman museum),
    • culture: Guignol puppets (in the Gadagne museum),

    With this choice, there is something for everyone!

    Lyon has a wealth of historical sites and monuments. After all, 2000 years of history has to count for something! If you are only in town for a short visit, here are a few monuments not to be missed: the Opera House, the Roman theatres, the City Hall and the Bartholdi fountain.

    The religious heritage is also the focus of much attention in Lyon, with the Fourvière basilica or the Saint Nizier church.

    If you get the chance, make sure you discover the unusual places. The A la Rencontre des Lyonnais Célèbres (Introducing famous Lyon personalities) fresco, the House with 365 Windows and the Flower Tree will take you off the beaten track.