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    Café Comptoir Chez Sylvie

    IMG_5201-retouchAt Café Comptoir Chez Sylvie, Sylvie Pacallet herself comes to greet you.

    Les Bouchons Lyonnais : Can you tell us the names of your chefs and the career paths they followed?
    Sylvie Paccallet : Jean-Claude Jambon, originally from the Beaujolais region, has been cooking at Café Comptoir Chez Sylvie ever since we first opened.

    LBL : Why did you decide to open a bouchon-style restaurant (generation, family, etc.)?
    SP : I was born and bred in the Croix-Rousse district, and I grew up watching my grandmother cook us simple home cooking.

    LBL : Does your bouchon have any specialities or particular culinary style?
    SP : All the traditional dishes, like quenelles, chitterling sausage (andouillette), calf’s head (tête de veau), liver ‘cake’ (gâteau de foie), beef muzzle (museau de bœuf), pig’s trotters (pied de cochon), etc.

    LBL : What dish would you choose to symbolise bouchon cuisine?
    SP : Any bouchon worth its salt should serve veal stew (blanquette de veau).

    “I grew up with the image of my grandmother in the kitchen and her simple kitchen and family”

    LBL : How would you describe Lyon’s gastronomic heritage?
    SP : It’s a traditional style of cooking using typical, regional produce – we absolutely have to keep it going.

    LBL : Apart from the actual cooking, what else is different about genuine Lyon bouchons as opposed to other restaurants?
    SP : My place is a great example of the genuine Lyon atmosphere!

    LBL : What would you say are the qualities of a good restaurant owner?
    SP : There are three things that characterize good restaurant owners – the food on your plate, the level of cleanliness, and how they treat their customers.

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    If you were :

    a typical Lyon dish : a slice of calf’s liver.

    a typical Lyon dessert : a praline tart.

    a cooking utensil : a dish.

    an item of crockery or cutlery : a fork because I just love eating.