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  • Café du Peintre

    Owner : Florence Périer

    Le Café du Peintre is a former bistro owned by Florence Périer since 2009. This bouchon is a little gem, located in an out-of-the-way district near the station, where a sober, traditional decor complete with pictures and slate menus combine to create a delightful, welcoming atmosphere. This worthy Mère Lyonnaise comes from two generations of cooks, and grew up amongst saucepans, sausages and breaded tripe in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother. The new-look bouchon is sure to serve the dishes you delight in – the pan-fried lamb’s brains, home-made patés, or kidneys with mustard will all make your mouth water. Which is just as well, as Florence’s son, Maxime, can advise the very best wine to accompany your selected dish. Florence Périer rules the roost with a mother’s love, and her good-humoured approach has rubbed off on her excellent team, whose attentive, proactive care will ensure you really feel at home. And if you’ve enjoyed your visit, why not go back for a wine-tasting evening, where every six weeks a wine-steward will let you into the secrets of matching food and wine. Find this restaurant also on lyonresto.com

    Contact details

    50, Boulevard des Brotteaux
    69006 Lyon
    04 78 52 52 61 04 78 52 52 61 lecafedupeintre.com/

    Opening times

    From Monday to Friday
    from midday till 2h00 pm and
    Thursday and Friday evening from 7:45 pm till 9h15 pm.
    Closed Saturday and Sunday

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