• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise

    Viabat carries on the secular Lyonnais tradition of providing very fresh offal that is recovered immediately after slaughter and prepared on a daily basis.

    Today, the Viabat team continues to enlist the methods of this noble profession, which they have adapted to conform to safety protocols, regulatory controls and current health regulations.

    Every day, Viabat recovers all of the offal from the Lyon Corbas slaughterhouses. They are immediately processed following the methods specific to our profession: cutting, trimming, slicing, conditioning, packaging with film or in a controlled-atmosphere package, cooking Gras double (a Lyonnais tripe dish) and snouts, and making andouillettes (a type of sausage).

    Viabat’s proximity to the slaughterhouses guarantees freshness.
    Viabat’s refrigerators and workshops, 1800 m2 spread over six rooms, were specially constructed to meet European standards.

    19 rue du Vercors
    69960 CORBAS
    TEL 04 78 21 62 94
    FAX 04 78 21 11 90