• Les bouchons lyonnais Garants de la tradition culinaire Lyonnaise

    The Saint Géron spring in Haute-Loire can be proud of its long natural and human history.

    It can be called “the queen of drinking water” because it has been showered in achievements: silver medal at the Exposition Industrielle Méridionale de Nîmes in 1888, Honorary diploma in Paris, Gold medal in Algeria in 1889, etc.

    Reputed in its heyday for its abundance of calcium and magnesium, “the queen of drinking water” has historically displayed her origins with pride, boasting a reputation of having “Zero bacteria”.

    A water rich in magnesium and bicarbonates that is easy on the stomach, it is particularly appreciated for the delicacy of its bubbles and their natural character. It is distinguished by a nitrate content that is undetectable in assays, which gives it exceptional health benefits.

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